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Toxic vs non toxic Cleaning Products

1) There are 2 school specific posts here:
They are titled, Toxic Threats to Child Development & Chemical Awareness in Schools.
They are both on the same page so one is under the other.
2) Here is a link to Mount Sinai School of Medicine. They are from my neck of the woods (Northeast USA) and have a very prestigious academic reputation.
3) Something extra I found looking through other posts on The Best Nest   (   )

Interview with Dr. Philip Landrigan  -- From: A Prescription to Better Serve Kids
Question: What, in the coming decade, has the potential to be as serious a threat as lead? Answer:
  We need to reduce the exposure of people of all ages to pesticides. Pesticides are used in enormous amounts in homes, schools and day care centers and on lawns and gardens. Once released, they are immediately widespread in the environment and create enormous potential for harmful health effects. MANY common household products officially fall under the category of pesticides

Epsom Salts vs Liquid Magnesium

1. Epsom salts do not have the highest of purity standards. Before
deciding on the liquid magnesium HCH did research this. They found
evidence that Epsom salts often contain Aluminium. This is one thing
we would not want to be bathing in.

2. Since the sals are "rocks", not liquid, they will not have nearly
the absorption potential as the liquid magnesium. Any transdermal
type of supplementation is far superior and more efficient.

3. The mineral we are most seriously lacking (because of acidity and
the lack of nutrients in our soil) is magnesium. If we concentrate on
getting higher levels of magnesium, the other minerals will normalize
/ balance more efficiently in our bodies. This will allow us to
maintain an alkaline balance easier -- and in acid world, any help we
can get is appreciated by the body

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Toxic Brew

Second generation effects of the dioxin based weapons used by the US Army in Vietnam (the deformed are the children of the men originally exposed) .
An international conference in Japan said: "Dioxin is the most dangerous chemical ever developed by man. Doses capable of killing human beings and animals vary from entity to entity, but always in the range of 1 to 5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. Prolonged effects may include symptoms of birth problems, cancer ..."
The post is called: I have never...
It is dated: Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why go natural?

I have decided that I want to do life more naturally because I haved been blessed with a beautiful family that I love and want to take care of the best possible way.